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FDIC Insurance Protects Your Money Deposits

When you visit a branch or our website, you’ve probably seen the signs that say: “Each depositor insured to at least $250,000.”  Have you ever thought about what that really means? Learn how FDIC insurance protects the money deposited into your covered accounts.

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Meet Legacy Bank of Florida Director Kate Murphy

Kate A. Murphy was appointed to the Legacy Bank Board of Directors in June 2014. She is the co-owner of Brant Point Property Management, a multifamily property management company focused on value-add properties in the Southeast United States.  She is also president of Collins Capital Partners, a commercial real estate investment firm focused on multifamily and office assets in the Southeast United States. 

Kate is a native of Fort Lauderdale where she resides with her husband and children.  She is involved with the Jack & Jill Children’s Center as a volunteer committed to developing community awareness, fundraising, and program assistance for the Center’s children and their families.


At Legacy Bank, we want to steer your money in the right direction and that's up!  

Legacy Bank Gives Back

Legacy Bank employees Dotty Slaughter (striped shirt on left) and Marcy Kabolowsky (blue shirt on left) joined volunteers preparing shoe donations for the nonprofit foundation "In Jacob’s Shoes." The mission of "In Jacob’s Shoes" is to provide new and gently used shoes, school supplies and athletic gear to South Florida's children in need.  In addition, grants are awarded for camps, aftercare, sports & enrichment programs.  Legacy Bank is a proud supporter of this charity, our customer and their dedication to the community. 

Legacy Bank of Florida Board of Directors

Dennis G. Bedley, Chairman of the Board
Leo B. (Lee) Berman
Thomas M. McDonald
Michael W. Moskowitz
Kate A. Murphy
Stephen S. Schifrin
Michael I. Udine
Robert S. (Bob) Walters

Executive Bank Officers

Dennis G. Bedley, Chairman of the Board, Director and
Chief Executive Officer
Marcia K. Snyder, Executive Vice President, Chief Lending Officer and
Chief Operating Officer

  Equal Housing Lender      Member FDIC

Legacy Bank of Florida
2300 Glades Road
Suite 140 West
Boca Raton, FL 33431